In March 2005, Tiberio Vieira and Michelle Rae Pinzon founded the Capoeira Center of New York, Inc. (the "Center") and brought together over fifteen years of experience in teaching and training Capoeira and dance. Its foundational philosophy rests upon the three-letter LEG principle: Learn more culture, Exercise and Grow socially.


Capoeira Shows

  • Organize and bring to the community public performances and demonstrations showcasing Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian dance and music

  • Host a graduation ceremony, which includes a new belt or cordão for qualified students

Capoeira Labs

  • Conduct classes for all-level adults and children that focus on capoeira technique, Portuguese language and Afro-Brazilian instruments and music

  • Implement a Masters Workshop series: creative development for all, including students, teachers and  dancers

Capoeira Social

  • Coordinate capoeira community outreach programs for the youth in greater New York

  • Facilitate cultural exchange programs for American and Brazilian Capoeira students to travel to Brazil for deeper cultural immersion, and for Brazilian students to participate in CCNY programs in New York