Donate to the Capoeira Center OF New York

Over the last 10 years, we made a difference in people's lives with our hard work. We brought Capoeira to a wider audience; oftentimes students, their family and friends speak in their testimonials of countless positive benefits the knowledge or the practice of the art brought in their lives. We did not achieve this by ourselves. It is not possible without support, whether it is encouragement words, logistics or financial. There is no such thing as small help: any hand takes us further.

By choosing to donate to The Capoeira Center New York, you are taking an active role in making a difference. Together, we promote an art, a culture, a healthy workout and grow a social network. Be part of it!

Thank you.

You may also choose the Capoeira Center of New York as a registered nonprofit recipient on Amazon Smile. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase on Amazon Smile will go toward the Capoeira Center. Click below to start shopping and helping!